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I am Philip Wright, and this is my photography portfolio. Within this collection, my body of work encompasses a wide array of genres, including wedding, food, product and commercial photography. My primary aim is to imbue these images with life, personality, and beauty, with the overarching goal of capturing the essence of the moment. I seek to draw out emotions and feelings, cherishing the art of freezing time in a single frame.

However, it’s in the realm of portraiture where my passion truly ignites. Whether delving into editorial or surreal projects, or crafting intimate headshots and portraits, these are the situations where my work shines most brilliantly. When faced with a nervous subject or a friend who shies away from the camera, together we embark on a journey to create something extraordinary. In those precious moments, I have the privilege of halting time itself, basking in the shared experience that I hold dear. Witnessing someone’s radiance as they gaze upon our collaborative creation is nothing short of magical.

Whenever I pick up my camera, my ultimate objective is to convey and capture our emotions, vulnerabilities, triumphs, and all the facets that make us uniquely beautiful, flawed, fragile, broken, resilient, and undeniably human. In all cases, it is the intention to honor the idea, message, and most the person.

portrait photography


A little more abstract than headshots that can push towards the surreal.

headshot photography


View some of my favorite headshots tailored to each individual person and project or need.

Headshot Photography

Food Photography

Food gallery of various clients over the years.

street photography

Street Photography

Images of adventures around cities.

wedding photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding images from some of my favorite weddings.

product photography

Product & Commercial

Images of various products I have shot for clients.

Contact Me

If you are looking for camera services in Portland Oregon or the surrounding please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you would like to talk shop. I am open to expanding my portfolio or collaborating on projects.
Philip Wright PWP Principal.