Headshot Photography

Headshot photography for corporate, modeling or acting headshots.

Wedding Photography

Work from weddings, engagement shoots and the like.

Lifestyle and Street

Life out and about. Whatever catches my eye.

I love to photograph people and I strive for those special moments in both my studio work and in my street photography. I often wonder why and I think it must be our little quirks, obsessions and our ability to be wonderful and terrible enigma. We can be wonderful, kind, open and welcoming and, if I am honest, we can also be quite the opposite. We are so complex and complicated and at the same time so predictable and simple. 

My favorite photographs in general are candid shots.  I love little hidden moments and looks. On the other hand, I love getting that natural beaming smile out of people. Usually the one they think impossible. Or conversely, that serious contemplative look that gives a little bit more than a smile can.

Photography has helped me not only see the world a little differently but myself as well. It has helped me come out of my shell. Learn more about myself while I learn about others. Helped me see my self as I try and capture the essence of those around me.