Portrait and Fine-Art Photography

We as a species are capable of such artistry, wonder, innovation and kindness. On a personal and individual level, I absolutely believe in all of our potential, beauty and the love we are all capable of. Conversely all of the awful.

I want to photograph us as people. I want to showcase and capture our feelings, vulnerabilities, successes and all that make us human. Perhaps some of our struggles in life. Our shared moments. Perhaps, even our pain or fears.

More than anything I see this site as a place for my photographic memories and a documentation of my photographic journey. A pictorial archive for me to see where I have been as a person and a photographer.

These people, every single one of them, represent a relationship for me. A moment. No matter how brief or long. Each one of these images document a connection that I have made, or a moment in time.

And each one is a treasure for me.

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