About Me

I am a photographer, disc golfer, artist, father, friend, and human that loves to create. I am a developer and digital marketer by trade who loves photographing people, places, and things. Mostly people. They fascinate me, scare me, aggravate me and give me joy.

I am proud to call Independence, Oregon home. Independence is located right outside of Salem, Oregon. We are a small little community with a big heart. Being in the middle of the Willamette Valley affords us the unique opportunity to be just a hop, skip and a jump away from both Portland, Eugene, and the surrounding areas such as Corvallis, Newport, Lincoln City, Bend ,and so much more. I love Oregon.

I tend to retouch minimally. Maybe some blemishes here and there. Maybe minimizing something that gets out of whack when adjusting contrast or tones… Maybe a mole that detracts from the overall aesthetic of the image. But we have skin… I fell like we should have skin when someone takes photographs of us. I feel like we are beautiful. Even old ones like me… With our pockmarks and scars and our flabby bits. I feel like we should love ourselves. I am including myself in this as well.

I see so much bad retouching. And maybe it’s art. I don’t know. What I do know is that is that we don’t seem to love ourselves. We don’t love each other and that is a hard paradigm to live in. I really enjoy working with people that don’t like having their picture taken. People that are nervous. I feel like I get people to relax and smile and let themselves be themselves.

I also feel like being on this side of the camera allows me to be myself as well.