Wedding Photography First look photo

For me, Wedding photography is about those special candid moments… Those little moments that people are usually too busy to see and appreciate in the moment of a wedding. I want to capture them and preserve them.  I love hunting and waiting for them to appear. A hug from a grandmother with a tear in her eye. A fathers proud smile. A grooms tear on the first look. To me… That is what I want to give you. That is what I want to deliver to you.

I prefer the natural candid shots over a super styled shoot, but, that is not to say there aren’t posed moments. There always are. Pictures of the wedding rings. Pictures of the bride and groom with family. There are always those pictures that can be in any package we provide.

Engagement Photography

Engagement shoots usually consist of a day or two going to some great places with a couple of outfit changes for a low pressure day full of laughs and photography. This is a perfect place to grab a picture for a save the date card.

Wedding Day Photography

The day of the ceremony is where magic happens. People are stresses and making sure everything is ready to go. If shots and locations heven’t been discussed before, we show up as everyone else is to start looking for places to shoot. We plan our with the couple or planner where the first look will be. Where the families will pose and look at where the ceremony will take place. We prefer to get this all done at the rehersal however every wedding is different.

Wedding ceremony photography